How to prepare for a visit to a center


On the date of the visit, arrive at the medical center 10 minutes before the planned time of the visit. Inform us if you expect to be late. You can do it calling the center directly; you will find the telephone number in the Our centers tab.

  • To the first visit to a specialist, take your medical records. That will allow the doctor to make a diagnosis and choose the right treatment more quickly.
  • Take your identity document with you.
  • During a visit an underage child should be accompanied by their legal guardian. At the reception desk, you may authorize another person to take your child to a visit.
  • If you want a person close to you to have access to your medical records and information on your health condition, you may authorize such a person at the center.

You have the right of access to medical records about your health condition and health services provided to you. You may receive a copy of prepared medical records at a center yourself or through a person authorized by you.

You can find forms of applications and authorizations in the “Forms and Applications” and at reception desks of PZU Zdrowie medical centers.

In the PZU Zdrowie medical centers, we maintain electronic medical records and adjust it to the prevailing standards. Due to this, we can care for your safety better.

  • During all doctor consultations you can receive an e-prescription, e-sick leave and e-referral both to specialist consultations and diagnostic tests.  During a teleconsultation, e-referrals issued by the doctor will be available at mojePZU. You can also find there the doctor’s recommendations, codes of e-prescriptions and information about an issued sick leave.
  • You can add important medical documents to a booked visit at a center or teleconsultation via mojePZU – the physician will have access to them during the visit.
  • The doctor providing consultation to you will have access to your medical records regardless of the place where they were prepared. This applies to PZU Zdrowie’s own centers.
  • For doctors to have access to your medical history, while making an appointment for a visit at the mojePZU portal, tick consent to providing access to medical records.