PZU Zdrowie

Polish nationwide medical operator

PZU Zdrowie is one of the largest nationwide medical operators in Poland. Our medical network has 130 own centers, including imaging diagnostics laboratories and 2400 partner centers in 600 cities and towns in Poland. We have our own medical information hotline, the mojePZU patient’s portal and a Telemedicine Center. We provide medical care in the form of insurance and subscriptions for companies and individual clients. PZU Zdrowie medical centers are also available to patients who do not have any packages.

With us, you will care about the health of your


Medical care for companies

If you are an employer or HR manager, we will help you select the best solution for protecting the health of your Employees. We will adjust the scope of medical care to the special professional character of your industry. You can also combine the offering with other health benefits.

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Health Zones

We support employers in their HR strategies. One of the tools of wellbeing are PZU Zdrowie Health Zones, or prevention campaigns in the offices of companies. Their programs are determined on the basis of a specific professional group. We also arrange meetings with our experts in the form of webinars.

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Occupational medicine

We provide comprehensive services in the area of occupational medicine – preliminary, periodic, control and epidemiological tests and checkups, also in a package with group medical care. As employer, you will receive from us access to the portal due to which you will comfortably manage compulsory tests, checkups and examinations in your company.

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You and your loved ones

Individual medical packages

If you do not have employee insurance or if you want to provide additional coverage to your loved ones, choose one of our medical packages for individual clients. We offer several scopes of care to meet your current health needs.

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If you want to do a quick health checkup or give somebody such a gift, we offer a wide range of prevention packages. These are prepaid sets of services selected appropriately to specific areas of medical prevention, including cardiological, oncological and dietary prophylactics.

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If you need quick consultation without leaving home, you can do it via the PZU Zdrowie Telemedicine Center. We ensure access to general practitioners, pediatricians, nurses and about a dozen of specializations for adults and children as well as psychological teleconsultations.

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Our values or what is important to us

Our values

Positive patient experience

Accessibility of medical care

Disease prevention

Technologies to serve patients

Our mission or why we operate

PZU Zdrowie is a comprehensive consultant about health, whose priority is the Patient and his or her experience. Our work changes the approach to health, focusing on prevention and education, improving the quality of life for our Patients. We deliver innovative solutions in the area of medical care so that our Patients could enjoy their lives in good health much longer. Ensuring the highest standards in terms of diagnostics and treatment, we work for the benefit of Polish medicine and public sector.

Our vision or what we aim for

We are the best medical operator, ensuring exceptional experience to our patients at each stage of their lives.

Why is it a good idea to care for your health with us

Multi-specialization profile of the centers

The majority of PZU Zdrowie’s own centers have a multi-specialization profile. They offer: specialist consultations, laboratory tests, imaging tests, as well as physiotherapy, oral medicine and same-day surgery services. They may be used by both clients of the PZU Group and individual patients. Some of our medical centers cooperate with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Uniform medical network

We care for uniform visual and service standard of our medical network. We educate our employees about building positive patient experience. For locations of new centers of PZU Zdrowie, we select modern, easily accessible buildings, such as: Varso Place in Warsaw, Pixel in Poznań, Palio Office in Gdańsk or Ogrodowa Office in Łódź.

Convenient access to services via mojePZU

Via the portal and the mojePZU app, you will be able, on your own, to make appointment for a consultation or test, collect an e-prescription and referral, look for a medical center and check the doctor’s recommendations. At one place, you have all important information about your health.

24/7 medical information hotline

Our consultants are available 24/7 at 801 405 905 or 22 505 15 48 (charges in accordance with the operator’s rates). Via our information hotline, you will make appointment for a consultation or test and obtain required information connected with PZU Zdrowie medical care.

Supervisory Board

Izabela Felczak-Poturnicka – Supervisory Board Deputy Chairman

Grzegorz Bryńczak – Supervisory Board Member

Waldemar Wierzba – Supervisory Board Member

Information up-to-date as at 05 April 2024.