Preventive health care

Give your employees an opportunity to take part in preventive health campaigns in the workplace or online, without leaving home, in the form of webinars. It is a simple and effective solution, which permits them to take care of their health. This way, they can have preventive medical examinations performed and consult specialist physicians.


For whom

The plans are dedicated to employees.

Benefits for the employer

Organization of medical events in the company is an important element of the commitment to employees.

Atmosphere of safety and comfort at work.

Seven ready-made health plans or the possibility to prepare individual ones adapted to specific needs.

A positive image of a company that takes care of its employees’ health.

Benefits for employees

Free medical examinations and consultations with physicians in the workplace or online, without leaving home, in the form of webinars.
Plans adapted to employee needs.

Possibility of early detection of diseases and commencement of treatment.

Available plans

We offer seven ready-made preventive plans concerned with the most common health problems among employees.

  • We prepare also plans tailored to the needs of a given company.


PZU Health under Control

A package of preventive medical examinations, which allows the determination of employees’ health potential.

Depending on the selected package, it includes:

  • consultation with an internist
  • consultation with a nurse
  • blood pressure measurement
  • blood sugar level
  • cholesterol level
  • ECG
  • consultation with a dietician
  • body composition analysis
  • consultation with a dermatologist
  • examination of skin lesions

PZU Spine under Control

Most Poles have experienced muscle pain at work. This is a cause of up to a half of absences lasting more than three days.  Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are unfavorable to spine health and physical labor exposes it to overload. Our offer focuses primarily on prevention, which will permit avoidance of an expensive and difficult treatment in the future.

PZU Heart under Control

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of deaths in Poland. This is almost a half of all cases.  Heart diseases are a very serious civilization problem and this is why promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention are so important. Organize examinations and specialist consultations for your employees to enable early diagnosis of diseases and prevention of long-term absences. The Heart under Control plan with PZU Zdrowie will make your employees feel that their health is of concern to you.

PZU Stress under Control

Around 90% of Poles experience stress every day.

Quick pace of life, long-term overtiredness, overload with duties – all these are often permanent elements of our everyday lives. The vast majority of Poles suffer from the adverse effect of stress on their physical and mental health, but not many of us know how to deal with it. This contributes to a growing incidence of depression, a disease that makes normal functioning in professional and private life impossible.

PZU Cancer Prevention

Oncologists diagnose cases of cancer in hundreds of thousands of Poles every year.

Cancers are the second, following cardiovascular diseases, most common cause of death in Poland. Organize examinations and specialist consultations for your employees to enable early diagnosis of their diseases. This will increase their chances for a quick recovery.

PZU Diet under Control

Obesity – the most severe chronic illness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized obesity as the most severe chronic illness. Untreated, it leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, endocrine disorders, and increases the risk of certain cancers. Help your employees in their fight against obesity and organize the Diet under Control Zone for them with PZU Zdrowie.

PZU Glycemia under Control

The number of people with diabetes is constantly growing.

Diabetes prevention is essential. Untreated diabetes leads to serious complications, such as renal failure and stroke. Functioning with diabetes requires the ill to control their diet and lifestyle continuously and take injections of insulin. Even a single negligence could result in hypoglycemia and a life-threatening condition.

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Other medical care proposals

Offer for companies

  • for companies with 10 or more employees
  • visits to doctors with up to 35 specializations, without limits and referrals in over 2,200 medical facilities, in 600 cities in Poland
  • visits 7 days a week without leaving home in the form of teleconsultation
  • access to a family doctor, internist and pediatrician up to 2 working days, and to other specializations up to 5 working days

Occupational medicine

  • Ensure preventive health care and safe working conditions to your employees. Use our portal: an application through which you will easily and quickly arrange examinations for your employees.
  • You can use occupational medicine from PZU Zdrowie if your company employs at least 10 people.

Legal notice

This text is not an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code. It serves only information purposes. You can obtain detailed information about the offer by contacting us through the following form.