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Our offer

Everyone knows that you should have regular preventive examinations, but not everyone knows where to start. We want to make it easier for you, which is why we have prepared several preventive packages and medical packages with a scope tailored to your needs.

Benefits for You

  • We provide innovative solutions in the area of healthcare and patient support.
  • Easy to reach nationwide network of proprietary multi-specialist medical centers.
  • Physician consultations provided from any location in the world24 hours per day.
  • Our approach to healthcare is comprehensive: from prevention to treatment and support in chronic disease.

Why PZU Zdrowie


Our medical team includes 6,000 employee

We have 130 proprietary medical centers

List of partner centers is available here

We guarantee care by professional medical staff, the Scientific Council and support of the Health Ombudsman.

List of our doctors is available here

We cooperate with 2,300 partner centers in more than 600 towns and cities in Poland.

List of partner centers is available here

We provide the “mojePZU” portal where you can book visits and manage services on your own.

Watch the video on “mojePZU” to learn more

We provide VIP service

We offer telemedicine – medical care in the comfort of the patient’s own home

We guarantee short waiting time for a visit - an appointment with an internal medicine physician or pediatrician can be booked within up to 2 business days and with specialist physicians within 5 business days

We guarantee a 24/7 hotline - average waiting time for a connection is merely between ten and twenty seconds

We cooperate with nearly 800 centers providing occupational medicine services and make available a portal for handling them. 

For the Patient

The patient experience is extremely important to us, therefore we pay special attention to it. Check out the For Patients page for answers to frequently asked questions. Discover how we ensure that you have a positive patient experience. 

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