How to make an appointment for a visit or examination


An appointment for a visit, teleconsultation and diagnostic tests may be made in a way chosen by you:

If you have not used it yet, get to know the mojePZU portal and see how to open an account and conveniently use our health care. You will be able to manage visits, add medical records, receive e-prescriptions and a doctor’s referrals and recommendations. Everything at a place and time convenient for you.

  • Via a 24/7 PZU Zdrowie information hotline - 801 405 905 or 22 505 15 48 (charges in accordance with the operator’s rates);  Our consultants will help you make an appointment for a visit at the time convenient for you.
  • Directly in a medical center of PZU Zdrowie – an employee of the reception desk will present you with dates and times available at the given location.

Are you not sure which specialist you should consult your problem with? Use the preliminary medical interview available in the mojePZU portal. It is enough to fill out a short survey which includes questions about ailments and their signs and symptoms. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, we estimate the likelihood of occurrence of particular diseases and indicate the specialist with whom you can consult your problem.

If you would like to use the solution:
  • “Start a medical interview” – when you make an appointment for a visit at mojePZU
  • or go to the “Health” tab on the top bar of the portal, and then start “Medical Interview”
If after completing an interview, you decide to make an appointment in one of the centers of PZU Zdrowie with the Premium sign, you can add the result of the interview to the visit. During the consultation, the doctor will have access to your responses.  
You will receive confirmation of the appointment in the way selected by you, by a text message or email. One day before the visit we will also send you a text message reminding you of the visit.