In their day-to-day work, PZU Zdrowie physicians are characterized by professionalism and a caring approach to every patient. We want everyone who uses the medical care services provided by PZU Zdrowie to feel safe and therefore we put a special emphasis on access to the best medical personnel available. In the Physicians tab, you will learn more about the specialists who can be found in our medical centers located in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Częstochowa, Katowice, etc. and in partner centers in more than 600 cities and towns all over Poland. 

Consultations with specialists
PZU Zdrowie medical centers provide services to patients on the basis of insurance products, subscriptions, occupational medicine, individual visits, and some of them also to National Health Fund (NFZ) patients.

You can make an appointment with a selected specialist:

  • comfortably through the mojePZU application/portal 
  • by phone, calling the PZU Zdrowie hotline: 801 405 905 or 22 505 15 48
  • directly in a center.

Apart from face-to-face visits, we offer telemedicine services, which enable consultations with a selected specialist without leaving home.  During a teleconsultation, you can discuss the results of your medical examinations, talk about alarming ailments, receive an e-referral or e-prescription and order medicines to a selected pharmacy. You can make your telemedical appointment through mojePZU or the hotline.

Professional medical personnel

The PZU Zdrowie medical network employs more than 4,000 physicians. They represent a broad range of specializations, which enables us to solve a variety of medical problems of our patients. 

The most common specializations include:

  • allergist
  • surgeon
  • dermatologist
  • dietician
  • endocrinologist
  • gynecologist
  • internist
  • cardiologist
  • laryngologist
  • pediatrician
  • orthopedist
  • neurologist
  • psychologist
  • pulmonologist
  • orthodontist
  • dentist
  • urologist.

In order to provide access to high-quality medical services, we create our own network of centers across Poland, including a few dozen MRI and CT laboratories. Our broad specialist and diagnostic offer, available also to children, allows PZU Zdrowie patients to take care of their own and their families’ health holistically.