What is a teleconsultation?


Do you need to talk to a doctor about your ailments and discuss results of tests?

Do you want to receive a referral, prescription or – if this follows from medical recommendations – a sick leave?

You can do it without leaving home – use our teleconsultations.

Here is the basic information about our teleconsultations. You will learn benefits of this form of doctor consultation and how to take advantage of it.

  • Teleconsultation is a fully-fledged health service provided by a doctor at a distance.

During a teleconsultation, your doctor will do a detailed medical interview with you, give you advice and make recommendations and the doctor will also:

give you a diagnosis,

discuss results of tests with you,

issue an e-referral for you,

issue an e-prescription for you,

prepare your medical records,

issue an e-sick leave for you,

recommend a visit to a center if needed.

All this with while observing the rules of security and confidentiality.


What are the benefits of teleconsultation

  • Convenient form – you receive help without leaving home.
  • 100% security – you are not exposed to contact with potentially ill people.
  • Quick appointments – you choose the date of consultation yourself and agree on a specific time.
  • Access to medical records – the doctor can read your medical history in PZU Zdrowie centers.
  • Quick diagnosis – in many cases, the doctor may give you a diagnosis immediately.
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