How to prepare for a teleconsultation?


What do you need to know

One day before a scheduled teleconsultation, an employee at the reception desk may contact you to confirm your identity and telephone and address data. Without these data, it is impossible to hold a teleconsultation. The data are also needed to establish your medical records. The employee will also ask you to give an email address to send you some documents connected with the visit. If the doctor issues e-referrals for you for follow-up diagnostic tests and consultations, you will find them in your profile in the mojePZU portal.


How to prepare for teleconsultation

  • Analyze how you feel and determine the signs and symptoms which you would like to discuss with the doctor.
  • Think of what you want to tell the doctor and which questions you would like to ask. You may prepare a list of questions.
  • Write down medicines you are taking with dosing.
  • Make the conversation comfortable – look for a place where you can talk freely with your doctor. Make sure no one disturbs you.
  • If you use the mojePZU portal, before the visit, add documents that your physician should first familiarize themselves with to your profile:
    - acceptable formats of attachments are pdf, txt, jpg,
    - ​the maximum size of documents in the pdf and text formats is 0.5 MB

If you do not have an account in the mojePZU portal, you are encouraged to open it.

How to upload documents needed

Log into your profile in the mojePZU portal. First, select the “Health” tab, and then: 

  1. List of visits
  2. Details
  3. Documents of a visit
  4. Add attachments

What is worth preparing

Your data – before the doctor starts teleconsultation, they must confirm your identity based on your date of birth or PESEL number.

Data of your child – if you make an appointment for teleconsultation for your child, the doctor will ask you for his or her PESEL number.

Results of tests that you would like to discuss with the doctor.

Medical records that you want to refer to during the teleconsultation – e.g. hospital discharge summaries, descriptions of diagnostic tests or other documents connected with the course of your treatment.

A sheet of paper, a pen – you may need these to write down important information

What you should remember about while talking to the doctor

  • First, inform the doctor why you would like to consult him or her.
  • Provide exhaustive answers. During a teleconsultation, the basic source of knowledge for the physician, apart from attached results of tests and your medical history, are your words. Therefore tell the doctor about all the observed signs and symptoms or ailments.
  • Do not be afraid to ask. Ask the questions prepared before. Inform the doctor that you want to write down the most important information for you.
  • Tell the doctor if you do not understand something. Ask for explanation.
  • If you cannot hear some information, ask the doctor to repeat it.
  • If the doctor did not inform you of a follow-up visit, ask if it is necessary.

What if teleconsultation is not enough

If the doctor, during teleconsultation, finds that it is necessary to have a medical test – you need to make an appointment for a physical visit in one of our centers

See how we care for your security and which security measures we have implemented in our centers.

Documents from a consultation

  • You can find documents issued during a teleconsultation when you log into your profile in the mojePZU portal.
  • We can also send you the documents in an encrypted file to your email address.
You will be able to find in your profile:
  • recommendations of the doctor summing up the teleconsultation,
  • e-referrals to follow-up tests or consultations,
  • e-prescriptions – you will receive a code necessary to get the prescribed medicines in a text message,
  • information on an issued sick leave.
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