How to check the doctor’s recommendations, download an e-prescription, e-referral after a visit or see results of tests


A few days have passed from the visit. Unfortunately, you do not remember exactly the doctor’s recommendations, the code of an e-prescription or you cannot find a hard copy of your referral.
(You can use the option in the centers where the medical system is combined with the PZU system – in mojePZU, we mark them as Premium centers).

  • Go to If you do not have an account in the portal, please register. If you have an account, enter your email address and password. Click Log into
  • In the menu on top of the page, select the Health tab.
  • In the bottom left corner of the screen, select the option of List of visits and click Check.

Find the visit which interests you and, on the right, click Details. Here you can:

  • remind yourself of details of the visit and the doctor’s recommendations and download them as a pdf file,
  • read the code of the e-prescription issued during the visit,
  • download e-referrals issued during the visit,
  • download results of laboratory tests ordered during the visit.