How to add documents before a doctor consultation


Due to the mojePZU portal, you may share information with a doctor before the planned visit, attaching documents which you would like to discuss during the visit.(You can use the option in the centers where the medical system is combined with the PZU system – in mojePZU, we mark them as Premium centers).

  • Go to If you do not have an account in the portal, please register. If you have an account, enter your email address and password. Click Log into
  • In the menu on top of the page, select the Health tab.
  • Below the main menu, in the top right corner, select the option Make an appointment for a visit.
  • On the screen, a window will appear with a proposal of a medical interview:
    - if you have doubts which doctor to consult, click Start a medical interview,
    - if you need consultation with a specific physician, select Make an appointment for a visit.

In the window which will appear on the screen, complete the information:

  • for whom you are making the appointment – Choose the patient,
  • which specialist you want to make an appointment with – Specify the specialist,
  • in which city or town you would like to go to the visit – Enter the place,
  • when you would like to have the visit,

Click Next. On the screen, a list of centers available in your neighborhood will appear.

  • Select the center where you would like to go for a visit. If the center chosen by you:
  • presents a schedule of visits, click Available Date. Then, select the preferred time of the visit and click Make an appointment for a visit. On the screen, you will see a summary of the appointed visit.
  • does not present a schedule of visits, you may book a visit through our consultant. Click Book a visit and specify in detail the date and form of contact with our consultant. Click Make an appointment Soon, our consultant will notify you of the date of appointed visit by a text message or email.
  • After making an appointment for a visit, in the menu on the bottom of the page, select thee List of visits tab.
  • Then go to Details of a selected visit and add attachments which you want to discuss with the doctor (e.g. results of tests). Acceptable formats of attachments are jpg, jpeg, txt, pdf. The maximum size of attachment in the txt, pdf format cannot exceed 0.5 MB.